A fellowship is not just a community, but a community with a common purpose and vision that brings many different people together.  We are a group of international students and volunteers in Berlin from around the world who have come together to provide a place to meet new friends, eat together, laugh together, and have fun learning all about Germany, culture, and faith.

Being away from home brings many new challenges; new culture, separation from family, and struggles with identity. We provide a “home” to feel loved and welcomed as well as other resources to deal with these unique challenges. We have students from many different cultural and religious backgrounds involved, but we as organizers and our associate organizations come from the Christian faith. It is exactly because of our Christian faith that we desire to welcome and show unconditional love to the foreigner and those who are different than us;

for it is what Jesus tells us to do.

So, come join us and be a part of our family and let’s have the best experience during our time in

Germany as possible! We belong to the SMD in Germany as well as the international Christian organization IFES.